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Standalone System

You just want to print clean and professional looking maintenance reminder stickers? Our standalone system is the answer to your needs

Multi-Users WEB

OCH Planner Multi-User WEB system allows you to print maintenance reminder stickers and plan your customer's next appointment. Share the printer on all workstations in your workshop.

Competitive Upgrade

Already have a sticker printer? Share it to all workstations in your shop using the OCH Planner WEB application and get rid of the small keyboard.




Printer stickers

The search for the perfect sticker is the starting point of this project. Many of you have started your research on the Internet to find a sticker that sticks to the windshield and will not fade over time. We have the solution for you.

Manual stickers 

Want to use our popular stickers that stick just enough but don't need the printing system and the printer? You can now get our stickers and have them personalized to your needs.