OCH Planner Multi-Users WEB

OCH Multi-User Planner WEB allows you to print maintenance reminder stickers and plan your customer’s next appointment. Share the printer on all workstations in your workshop. The OCH Planner bundle includes the software, a printer, and 1,000 stickers. The “OCH Planner” system is a tool designed by shop managers like you to help build customer loyalty in the automotive industry. CLICK HERE to see how the Preventive Maintenance application works

Just want to make a maintenance reminder sticker? It’s easy. Use the Simple Sticker option. The technician or technical advisor just has to enter the current mileage, select the desired maintenance interval (Month and Kilometer), the grade of oil used and click on Print. CLICK HERE to see how it works or even with automatic calculation. CLICK HERE to see how.

Want to get more out of your OCH Planner application? Let the technical advisor use it. In seconds, he can accurately calculate average customer mileage and then schedule his next service efficiently. CLICK HERE to see how.

It only takes a few minutes to notice that the application has been developed by technicians and automotive professionals like you. Everything has been designed to make life easier for the workshop manager